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Where Lesbi's and Bi's can cum in and "play"

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Lesbi_lovers is a place where lesbians, bi-sexuals, and bi-curious girls can com.
Along with being a place where you can chat, make friends,etc..this is a place where nudity,talking dirty,and porno is entirly welcome.
I hope you promote us to other users.

- Please put up a little about your self and why you want to be part of this community.
- You can post up yuri stories, but please put it behind a >lj cut<.
- You can post up yuri pictures, but please put it behind a >lj cut<.
- To join you must be at least over the age of 17 years.
- Once you enter, you MUST keep the community alive by posting pictures,stiories of your own personal incounter,or stories of make belive characters.
-Be nice. If you are not accepted into the community, please dont argue or fight with anyone...you may try again in a week..

[1]. Name:
[2]. Age :
[3]. Location :
[4]. Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Bi-Curious? :
[5]. Tell us why you like wemon better than men. :
[6]. Promote us to three places and give us the link to the place, either live journal user or community :
[7]. Give us at least 3 pictures of yourself. The first one make it a picture with your head, hand, and a sing that says " Lesbi_Lovers @ lj " The second just a head shot, and the last one a body shot (nudity is accepted).