caitlin (elsnk) wrote in lesbi_lovers,

[1]. Name: Caitlin
[2]. Age : 17
[3]. Location : NY
[4]. Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Bi-Curious? : Bisexual/lesbian... I'm still in self discovery.
[5]. Tell us why you like wemon better than men. : Women turn me on a lot more than men. Women are so pure and peaceful when men can sometimes be the beast and full of competition and pressure... Women make me feel so much at ease and peace with myself when men can sometimes be complete ass holes.
[6]. Promote us to three places and give us the link to the place, either live journal user or community :
[7]. Give us at least 3 pictures of yourself. The first one make it a picture with your head, hand, and a sing that says " Lesbi_Lovers @ lj " The second just a head shot, and the last one a body shot (nudity is accepted

I seem to have lost my digital camera so as soon as i get it i will put in the picture with the sign.

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